Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Fall Bags Under $50


School is almost upon us and as is the case with every back-to-school shopping list, a backpack is usually a part of the hunt. Everyone knows of famous backpack brands like JanSport, but Under Armour has a pretty amazing line up of fashionable bookbags. The Rush Pack seen below is just one out of the many. The Ecote Patterned Canvas Backpack is another option from UrbanOutfitters featuring a bold tidal wave pattern. The thing to remember with backpacks is that they are not handbags. They are meant to be fun and daring.

The Weekend Bag

Every girl needs a fashionable duffle bag for those short weekend trips or for a night spent at a friend's house. For moments like these, I refer you to the Forever21 weekender and the Oversized Tote found on They're fun, pretty, and can carry your clothes and toiletries easily.


Satchels are great for those days where you have only one class or a light workload. They're big enough for books and nice enough to carry to do everyday tasks. I love the sea green color of the H&M bag. And the Forever21 satchel is clean and simple with a structure that is a classic.
$24.95 H&M Satchel

The Hobo

The two hobos below are perfect for shopping excursions. The Cotton Canvas Hobo from AmericanApparel comes in a range of colors and is affordable just like the Merona Oslo Hobo from Target. I prefer the Merona Hobo myself, just because of the construction, and plan to get it in brown next chance I get.

$32.99 Target Merona Oslo Hobo

Just to let everyone know, I'll be taking some time from blogging due to college starting back up. I seriously have to pack. Anyway, I'll come back to The Confidante in a week's time, after I move into my new place and get everything settled. I hope everyone had a great summer!


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