Monday, August 29, 2016

Closet Lust...August

Where does the time go? Already the end of August, already time for school to start back up again. The summers always seem to flow right by us. Or just me at least. I've been looking around for new clothes and there are a number of sales happening for end of summer and the beginning of the new school year. The clothes picked below pack more of a statement than usual my apparel choices, but they are still fantastic and sophisticated for any woman's closet.

Do I really need to explain myself when I say why I love this dress? I mean, really? It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. First, I'll start with the construction of the dress. It's exceptionally flattering and emphasizes the model's beautiful, hourglass figure with the zipper lines drawing the eye to different areas of the body. It's very well done and the vivid cobalt is another amazing component to this dress. Other colors would have been fine, but the dazzling blue seen here is a show-stopper.

If you're looking for a new addition to your jewelry collection, please look no further than this Coach bracelet. It gorgeous in its detail, and fun to its core. When I saw it, I was reminded of a charm bracelet that I had in middle school and I think that if anyone has a birthday coming up (i.e. me), it would be a really great gift that would last as an outfit staple for quite a while.

I love a good moto jacket and this is an exceptional one. With the approach of fall, a leather jacket is a must have for the colder weather and as climate change continues to make the winter months feel like summer, we may face erratic temperatures during the season. This jacket offsets the risk of being overdressed, in my opinion. While being sporty, it's also versatile and can be a quick go to when it starts to get chilly outside.

Rompers are not my favorite thing to pull out of my closet but this one is an exception. I saw it on Eloquii and I was rather struck by it. The shape is great and compelling and gives the effect of a wrap dress. The only drawback I have for this particular item is the print. While very beautiful, it reminds me of a hospital gown or nurses uniform. If the print was changed a bit, then I think it would be perfect for my own wardrobe.

~Renee Brown

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Closet Lust...July

Hi everyone!! This heat wave we've been feeling for weeks on the East Coast is really getting to me. I've been daydreaming about colder weather and beautiful autumn leaves. I've finally acknowledged that I am not a summer person at all and the clothes and accessories I found intriguing for this post is a reflection of that. The colors are bright in the pieces below, but they are cool colors and transitional for the later months of the year. Let me know what you think by commenting!

I love a good choker necklace and this one is no exception. This blue and green enamel necklace from One King's Lane is very beautiful, but can be read as a bit too formal for a casual setting. It's price tag is well earned given the high quality craftsmanship behind it by designer Isaac Manevitz. I'd recommend saving such a luxurious piece of jewelry for a more formal affair or a business professional setting.

 $89.95 - Gap Striped Poncho
I can imagine waking up, getting my outfit together, and throwing this poncho on. Great casual clothes will never be out of place in my closet. I love the gold and the navy of this poncho and the stitching is superb. It's long and ends mid-thigh, so a belt might be necessary, in which case I'd recommend a silver or black one.

I found this hidden gem on Pinterest a few weeks back and I fell in love with the minimalist geometric design. It's a barrette that I think is really sophisticated and sensible for a multitude of occasions. As inexpensive as it is, I plan on buying two myself in the near future.

Providing luxury clothing to plus-sized women is why Eloquii is among my favorite brands. Many other companies ignore them as a market entirely, but not Eloquii. This green top is perfect for fall and is just one example of the amazing construction of their clothes. Durable, versatile, and gorgeous, this top is more of  transitional item for when we move into cooler weather, but it's still a great piece to add in your wardrobe now.

Thanks for reading!
~Renee Brown

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Closet Lust...June

So yeah, I'm cutting it a bit close this month but Closet Lust...June is here!! I've selected four really great items for you guys that are versatile for summer days and corporate office environments.

I don't know about you, but before I choose an outfit for the day, I always check the weather on my phone. And on many occasions when I've dressed for a hot day, the A/C of my office makes me really regret the fact that I didn't bring a jacket to work. I think this cardigan is the perfect solution, with the material and the knitting providing light weight comfort and classic style. It's refined and polished with its light blue color and flattering lines and I'd personally love to have this cardigan hanging in my closet.

I found this scarf on Nordstrom and I love it's juicy color. It's a fun shade between red and orange and it's also a lightweight accessory. When you're going out to the grocery store and you have on a casual T-shirt and jeans, this scarf can add a pop of color to brighten your look. And if you're in the office and the temperature begins to drop, you can wrap yourself in it like the women in my office that wrap themselves in their beautiful pashminas. It's a really versatile piece.

I wanted to feature this bag because I am in love with it. I've been looking around for a new and interesting brown bag and this is it. What I find most fascinating about it is the shape and the material. It's made from cowhide and the exterior cut of it is really beautiful in the fact that it has a bit of a geometric influence. Either way, it's a really stunning tote from Oliveve.

Everyone needs a nice sandal and I really like the cobalt blue color of this Banana Republic sandal. I love wearing outfits with one bright colored item to provide a statement to the whole look and this shoe is something that I'd would buy for myself. It's a simple flat shoe with great construction and it's something I would definitely wear on the weekends.

Thanks for reading!!

~Renee Brown

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Midsummer Night Out

Hi everyone! Hope your summer is going well and you're keeping cool in these hot temps. It's been so hot these last few weeks that I've just been staying indoors and devouring a number of romance novels and RomComs and it got me thinking about creating fun date night outfits. One is for a nice, casual dinner and drinks in the city, and the other is for a night clubbing and living it up. I wanted both looks to be affordable but there are expensive pieces to serve as inspiration. Let me know what you think!

Look 1

Look 2

~Renee Brown

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Closet Lust... May

Summer is basically here but it seems to come and go in Pittsburgh. I've been so chilly in between the warm rays of sunshine that manage to peak behind the clouds. The heat just needs to come already and thaw us out, I swear. But I've found four new items that I think will be very useful for the summer, items I would be consistently pulling from out of my closet.

$44.98 - Aldo SMILE Bag
Aldo is a shoe and accessory company that is really providing an interesting perspective to the fashion industry and this handbag is the perfect example of this. The architecture is so well done that it looks expensive and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets marked up by another $100. The biggest strength I see of this bag is its versatility because I could see anyone using it to go to the supermarket or meet up with friends for lunch.
Summer is sandal season and this wedge is a beautiful addition to any shoe collection. There are a few colors on the Nine West website but I'm quite partial to the blue shown above. This is something that personally I would wear with jeans and a nice t-shirt. It's casual, flirty, and perfect for the season.

A maxi skirt is great to have as they can be worn on many different occasions. One day at work, I saw three different women sporting beautiful maxi skirts and I thought I was out of the loop somehow. I've been searching for a yellow maxi skirt ever since and I'm really happy to have found this one from New York and Company. The floral pattern is summery and bright and from the pics from other users on the website, it looks like a great buy.

So that's it for May. I've been kinda stressed out these past two weeks but I'm glad I came across the items I found. Not sure if I'll have more to say this month, but I'll keep you posted.

~Renee Brown

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Closet Lust...April

This post is gonna be a very short one because I've been so busy with work and unnecessary family drama, but I'm managing. Anywhoo, more posting in the future, I promise! I really only have only one item that I've lusted after this month that I desperately wanted to bring to everyone's attention. I bought it a few weeks ago and I've just been loving it so far, so I highly recommend it.

As the proud owner of the coat above, I gotta say, it's quite a looker. Michael Kors really knows how to make a girl look good. I may have mentioned this before but I've been on the hunt for a nice trench for those chilly days of Spring. And now I've found the perfect one. Granted, it doesn't have a hood but it packs a lot of style and I just had to have it after it saw it online. It has simple lines, which I appreciate, and doesn't add any unnecessary embellishments. It's clean, professional, and ALL MINE!!!

~Renee Brown

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Closet Lust... March

I've been a working woman for a few weeks now, and I have to say that after making some money I feel a little cocky. Like, I'm looking online at really expensive clothing, shoes, and houses as if I'm within financial range of making those purchases. (I'm not). But still, making your own money feels good. You feel independent and strong like an adult should feel. I suppose I feel this way because I've never had a paying job before, just unpaid internships. But anyway, while working and shopping online for things I cannot afford, I found a few gorgeous items that I had to bring to your attention. Take a look.

I really love this dress. I've seen shirt-dresses done before and I never truly gravitated toward them. To me, they seemed a bit more fancy than my own personal style. However, I'm really feeling this shirt-dress from Nicholas. It looks crisp, sophisticated, and comfy all at the same time. While I don't think this would be ideal for work, I do love the transitional style of it.

 $59.95 - GAP Swing Tank Dress
Gap is among my favorite brands and this swing tank dress is just a prime example of their signature style. This dress is simple, sure, but it can be accessorized into an amazing outfit. The orange, herringbone pattern is really beautiful and adding a stylish belt to define your waist and a few bangles to bring some attention to you arms wouldn't be amiss.

Maybe it's just me, but in the elements of the shoe, I see a touch of french style. It's a classic shoe  with a sweet vibe that would be the perfect addition to any outfit, either professional or casual. For a work outfit, I would pair it with a patterned skirt, a solid colored top, and a cardigan. And for a casual look, I'd say jeans, a billowy blouse, and some nice earrings would do just the trick.

$46 - Bauble Bar Signs Collar
$42 - Bauble Bar Crop Collar
I've mentioned before my love of Bauble Bar. Their jewelry is perfect for professional women who are looking to spice of their outfits in an inexpensive manner. While looking around their website, I really couldn't choose between these two chokers. Both are bold statements and are very gorgeous pieces of jewelry. I seriously love them both and I'd highly recommend them to you guys.

~Renee Brown

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Broad Abroad

Everyone has an idea of where they'd like to travel if they had the time or the money but I've always wanted to go to three distinct places: the Seychelles, Montreal, and Sedona. Those three places are really where I feel like an adventure is waiting for me. But if I did travel to these places, what would I wear? That's the big question.

The Seychelles

If you've never heard of the Seychelles don't worry, you're in good company. They are the world's best kept secret as the Seychelles are a collection of tropical islands off the African coast. Uninhabited until the early 1500's, these island developed into a tourist hub complete with nature preserves, coral reefs, and amazing views. Ever since I stumbled upon these beautiful islands, I've been enraptured with the idea of visiting one day and experiencing the vivid colors for myself.

The Look:


For the record, I've already been to Montreal because my grandmother used to live in the neighborhood of Beaconsfield, so the city has a special place in my heart. I am still in love with its historic neighborhoods, its French charm, and its friendly people and I would love to go back again and revisit the places my family and I explored together as well as places we were unable to see like the Underground City. And I would most definitely stop past Gigi's Pizza in Point Claire, the place where I experienced my first food orgasm. (Seriously though, their pizza is amazing.)

The Look:


Sedona is one of those notorious places that I've heard so much about. From the gorgeous landscape of the Red Rocks to the New Age cultural movement that's happening there, it seems like an exciting place to be right now. I've felt drawn to it after reading travel journals and multiple accounts of the town and its eccentric spirit and I hope in the future I'll be able to spend some time taking it all in.

The Look:

Hope you liked this post. I'll be back in a week for a Closet Lust...March post.

~Renee Brown