Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Broad Abroad

Everyone has an idea of where they'd like to travel if they had the time or the money but I've always wanted to go to three distinct places: the Seychelles, Montreal, and Sedona. Those three places are really where I feel like an adventure is waiting for me. But if I did travel to these places, what would I wear? That's the big question.

The Seychelles

If you've never heard of the Seychelles don't worry, you're in good company. They are the world's best kept secret as the Seychelles are a collection of tropical islands off the African coast. Uninhabited until the early 1500's, these island developed into a tourist hub complete with nature preserves, coral reefs, and amazing views. Ever since I stumbled upon these beautiful islands, I've been enraptured with the idea of visiting one day and experiencing the vivid colors for myself.

The Look:


For the record, I've already been to Montreal because my grandmother used to live in the neighborhood of Beaconsfield, so the city has a special place in my heart. I am still in love with its historic neighborhoods, its French charm, and its friendly people and I would love to go back again and revisit the places my family and I explored together as well as places we were unable to see like the Underground City. And I would most definitely stop past Gigi's Pizza in Point Claire, the place where I experienced my first food orgasm. (Seriously though, their pizza is amazing.)

The Look:


Sedona is one of those notorious places that I've heard so much about. From the gorgeous landscape of the Red Rocks to the New Age cultural movement that's happening there, it seems like an exciting place to be right now. I've felt drawn to it after reading travel journals and multiple accounts of the town and its eccentric spirit and I hope in the future I'll be able to spend some time taking it all in.

The Look:

Hope you liked this post. I'll be back in a week for a Closet Lust...March post.

~Renee Brown

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