Monday, November 16, 2015

Closet Lust... November

Fashion orgasms, people. Fashion. Orgasms. What I am lusting after this month doesn't disappoint. Collars, dresses, heels, satchels. I found some serious treasures. This month's Closet Lust is more about splurges and what I picked will make perfect holiday gifts this season. I certainly hope some of these gifts will be under my Christmas tree.
Baublebar is not cheap but it does offer a lot of quality jewelry pieces that you're not gonna see in other stores. My sister got me hooked on Baublebar this year when she bought me a necklace for my birthday with a pendant in the shape of the crescent moon. Tthis necklace is just as beautiful. It's an elegant, two-toned ombre collar of blue and white gems. And while collars are not everyone's cup of tea, I think this one will be the exception for a couple of people who won't be intimidated by trying something different.
This dress is really amazing. It's detailed and textured, with a touch of art-deco. I just love it. Velvet is not a material you see in clothes that often but it works in this piece. In fact, the plant print pops more against the black velvet material than it would with any other material. But either way, it's really a good piece to have in any closet. You can wear it for a more casual cocktail hour or out to lunch. Honestly, it just adds a touch of class.
This is a Givenchy satchel. I repeat it's a Givenchy satchel. Do I really need to explain myself? The color, the shape, the craftsmanship. You will practically explode from the luxury of this bag. Like I said before, fashion orgasms.
So these Schutz heels are really great. To be perfectly honest, I've seen this shoe design many times before. YSL actually created a couple of shoes like this but in neon colors. I'm really only showing this one in particular because of its color. It comes in a variety of them but my personal favorites are the orange patent leather and the snake skin. Pops of color such as these can take a regular, bland outfit and just give it a spark of life. Its apparel such as this that women should always keep in mind when shopping for a new look.

~Renee Brown

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Je T'aime, Paris

It's sad to see people choose hate over love, to see people choosing to die for their hate. I feel sorry for those men who were so clouded by their angry dogma that they died without understanding anything but violence. It might have saved them from the hell that will await them in the afterlife.

Men like that never win. They do what they do in order to bend people to their will out of fear of the consequences. The world is more open than it has ever been before, with freedoms some people only dreamed of having. Terrorists see that as evil and deadly to their safe, closed-off sanctuary of ignorance. The changing world terrifies them so they create violence and chaos in order to stop it. 

But it's not working. What happened yesterday was horrific and after we properly grieve, the world will carry on, as will the families of the victims. That is all we can do. We carry on and remember. Because resilience is the best way to piss those fuckers off.

~Renee Brown

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fall in Love Again

It is November and the all too familiar chill of Autumn has finally reached our door. I personally thought it would never come given the crazy heat wave the North East had a week ago. But either way, it has arrived which means its time to break out the hoodies, sweaters, and coats as we step into the cold weather season.

Look 1 is more oriented towards a day at school or a casual outing. The dress is from Target and the color really grasped my attention. The handcrafted leather Etsy backpack is also really well done. The jewelry pieces are from Forever 21 and provide an inexpensive way to soften the overall outfit. Now for Look 2, I wanted to provide an upscale outfit for cocktail or dinner party. I fell in love with the earrings I found at Baublebar and was so happy to find that they are not expensive. They pair really well with the red duffle coat from Banana Republic and the Gap shift dress and create an overall classy look.

Look 1

Look 2,1&$filterxlrg$

~Renee Brown