Saturday, November 14, 2015

Je T'aime, Paris

It's sad to see people choose hate over love, to see people choosing to die for their hate. I feel sorry for those men who were so clouded by their angry dogma that they died without understanding anything but violence. It might have saved them from the hell that will await them in the afterlife.

Men like that never win. They do what they do in order to bend people to their will out of fear of the consequences. The world is more open than it has ever been before, with freedoms some people only dreamed of having. Terrorists see that as evil and deadly to their safe, closed-off sanctuary of ignorance. The changing world terrifies them so they create violence and chaos in order to stop it. 

But it's not working. What happened yesterday was horrific and after we properly grieve, the world will carry on, as will the families of the victims. That is all we can do. We carry on and remember. Because resilience is the best way to piss those fuckers off.

~Renee Brown

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