Thursday, June 30, 2016

Closet Lust...June

So yeah, I'm cutting it a bit close this month but Closet Lust...June is here!! I've selected four really great items for you guys that are versatile for summer days and corporate office environments.

I don't know about you, but before I choose an outfit for the day, I always check the weather on my phone. And on many occasions when I've dressed for a hot day, the A/C of my office makes me really regret the fact that I didn't bring a jacket to work. I think this cardigan is the perfect solution, with the material and the knitting providing light weight comfort and classic style. It's refined and polished with its light blue color and flattering lines and I'd personally love to have this cardigan hanging in my closet.

I found this scarf on Nordstrom and I love it's juicy color. It's a fun shade between red and orange and it's also a lightweight accessory. When you're going out to the grocery store and you have on a casual T-shirt and jeans, this scarf can add a pop of color to brighten your look. And if you're in the office and the temperature begins to drop, you can wrap yourself in it like the women in my office that wrap themselves in their beautiful pashminas. It's a really versatile piece.

I wanted to feature this bag because I am in love with it. I've been looking around for a new and interesting brown bag and this is it. What I find most fascinating about it is the shape and the material. It's made from cowhide and the exterior cut of it is really beautiful in the fact that it has a bit of a geometric influence. Either way, it's a really stunning tote from Oliveve.

Everyone needs a nice sandal and I really like the cobalt blue color of this Banana Republic sandal. I love wearing outfits with one bright colored item to provide a statement to the whole look and this shoe is something that I'd would buy for myself. It's a simple flat shoe with great construction and it's something I would definitely wear on the weekends.

Thanks for reading!!

~Renee Brown

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  1. You have chosen four truly extraordinary things for the folks that are flexible for summer days and corporate office situations. I think this is perfect office dress for any women. Lovely dress selection according to the environment. Thanks