Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion Jewelry Pieces For Everyone

The key to finding good jewelry pieces is having the bravery to get out of your comfort zone. Pieces that you otherwise might have neglected because they were just too bold might actually be perfect for you. Fashion jewelry, in itself, is meant to add a touch of drama, color, and whimsy to day to day outfits so its important that you explore and experiment.

The selection of jewelry below, are pieces I either have or have found. As usual, the links are below the pictures as well as the prices.


All the earrings below would go well with any work outfit, but the black geometric earring and the peridot and aqua earring are two of my favorite pieces. The gold hoops have an unusual geometry to them so I included them to give everyone an option. The green teardrop earrings are beautiful in their rich color and are very elegant. They come in a variety of colors and are celebrity inspired imitations of emerald earrings. The sparrow studs just caught my eye and they are so whimsical and fun that I had to include them.
$12.95 Black Geometric Chandelier Earrings
$17.95 3 Inch Gold Square Hoop Earrings 
$38.37 14k Gold Peridot & Aqua Cubic Zirconia
$54.99 Kenneth Jay Lane Teardrop Earrings
$34.99 Juicy Couture Sparrow Studs

I've bought the hourglass necklace below and I can tell you personally that it works well for day to day outfits and even some formal occasions. Its on a long chain, so keep that in mind. The airplane necklace from Lulu's is fun and adorable while the design of the Modcloth necklace is unusual but is on the side simplistic. Two necklaces that are not simplistic in any way are the H&M and Ralph Lauren necklaces. I adore the spike necklace by H&M because I think it is a very versatile piece that can transform an outfit. The Ralph Lauren necklace is also versatile, elegant piece that would be perfect with a little black dress.

$10.50 Claire's Hourglass Necklace
$49 Lulu Plane Necklace
$24.99 In Great Diamond Jewelry Set
$12.95 H&M Spike Necklace
 $78 Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Bracelets & Bangles

I'm extremely excited for the bracelets and bangles below. Out of all of them, my favorites would be the studded square black bracelet from Forever 21 and the purple beaded bracelet by Decree. All the bracelets below are great options, of course, so mixing it up is a must. As for the last two bracelets, a beautiful gold cuff is a classic item that everyone should have. The two cuffs below are just a few options of what is out there. Keep in mind the price for all these bracelets. For the most part, fashion bangles and bracelets are inexpensive, depending upon where you shop.

$5.80 Studded Square Bracelet
$10 Decree Seedbead Stretch Bracelet
$12 Wide Geometric Cuff 
$18 Liz Claiborne Gold Stretch Bracelet


The rings I've selected represent the many types of rings that you should be shopping for. The brown bug ring and the white flower ring are whimsical pieces while the long, silver ring and the brushed gold ring are more industrial in their appearance. Both sets of rings are rather beautiful so I included them. The Victoria Townsend ring is by far my favorite. Its is an elegant piece that is so beautiful and, like the white enamel flower, it has real gems in its setting.

$14.99 So Supersonic Ring
$12 Brown Bug Ring
$8 Brushed Gold Ring
$53.10 On Sale!! Victoria Townsend
$69 On Sale!! White Enamel Flower Ring

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~Renee B.

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