Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beautiful Handbags

Handbags are like candy: they come in all kinds of colorful wrappers, and you gotta try them all at least once in your life. You know, to make sure you like it or not. So, just like any good candy store, The Confidante is supplying everyone with a variety of looks and options for this summer.

The Clutch
Everyone needs a good clutch for a party or an event. The clutches below are two of my favorites. The Forever 21 Bow Clutch caught my eye some time ago and it comes with a chain strap as does the Jaqueline Ferrar clutch. Both clutches are red but there are a variety of colors available online.
$19.80 Forever 21 Bow Frame Clutch
$6 Jaqueline Ferrar Allie Frame Clutch

The Satchel
Crossbodies and satchels are excellent alternative to bulky messenger bags. Here, we have a Forever 21 Patent Leather Crossbody and a Michael Kors Leather Satchel. Even though both bags feature optional  straps, I personally feel that the Michael Kors bag works better without straps. Let me know what you think about that.

These are great backpacks for students because they have such versatile looks. Of course, the Olsenboye is my favorite but the Modcloth backpack is a good option as well. What is great about these two styles is that they work well for the classroom as well as a casual get together, or even shopping.


The Tote
The best examples of candy colored handbags ever. Honestly, have you ever seen such perfection? The Coach Hampton Tote and the Ralph Lauren Tote are excellent options to have in your closet and are perfect for the summer. And as for my favorite? I can't really decide!


$258 Coach Hamptons Weekend Stripe Tote
$248 Lauren by Ralph Lauren

~Renee B.

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