Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 - The Year of Realization

A month into 2016, and once again I am reminded how lucky I am. How lucky I am to be alive, to have food and shelter, and to live in a city I love wholeheartedly. I've had to face many challenges in the past few years and in many instances I've failed to be grateful to have made it to the other side. Instead, I've let my frustrations overwhelm me. But with each new year, I become more aware of myself and my actions, which has helped me to correct the negative behaviors that would normally fall under the radar. I'm a much healthier person because of it. 

But I want to use this new perspective for the better and my resolutions are helping to do so. You know how you say you want something, and then never take the necessary actions to go and get it? Yeah, it's what I've done for ages and I want to change that. I want to be successful and understand how that feels. I recently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and she defined success as the result of accomplishing your goals. So, like many others, I've set a few goals for 2016 and I've surprisingly managed to hold my own. I set the goal that I wanted to exercise for 180 days of the year, which equates to 3-4 times a week and I've kept up with that goal. I set a goal to write a novel. Long or short, it doesn't matter. I just really want to write a book so that I know I can do it. So far, I have a plot, a general summary, and I'm currently finished with a chapter by chapter outline. I'm getting there!

It's 2016, and I feel more awake and aware than I ever have before. I feel as if I am now capable of realizing my dreams and I am terrified of what the year will bring me. But I am also pretty excited. And so, I think I'll leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes.

Translated from the Brazilian Portuguese, it says "Life changes in proportion to your courage." Let that be the motto we cling to as we venture into 2016. 

~Renee Brown

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