Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 1 of Fashion Week

Yesterday was the official start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 but there were no schedules fashion shows, so it doesn't really count. Today, I am going to review the four shows I saw today by Nicholas K, BCBG Max Azria, Richard Chai, and Tadashi Shoji. The links to all the collection are posted after every review.

I have to say, my favorite show was Tadashi Shoji with Nicholas K being a close second. Tadashi's ethereal designs were brilliantly done in lace and chiffon. The colors were beautiful and lush blues, creams, pink, and greens. The only problem I had with the collection were the last two finale dresses. The bottoms of the dresses were done in ruffles which I did not like. See the Spring 2013 Tadashi Shoji Collection.

The Nicholas K show was equally amazing with fashions that I felt were futuristic but not over the top. In the beginning of the show, I immediately felt that the designer was inspired by an urban desert sort of place because the colors were brown and orange with flashes of white accesories. Over the course of the show, the urban style shifted from that of a desert city to New York City and then to an ocean city. I adored this collection because the outfits were baggy and loose while also keeping a flattering silhouette. See the Spring 2013 Nicholas K collection.

BCBG Max Azria was a nice collection but it was too much. You had lace, leather, cutouts, sheer fabric. It was just a very busy collection. Overall, the collection used a lot of black and white with only a few pieces having a lovely coral color added to them. I think for spring, the designers could have done something a little more colorful and little more toned down. I did love the last two piece that were shown. They were beautiful in the white fabric. See the Spring 2013 BCBG Max Aria Collection.

But not. of course, as disappointed as I was when I watched Richard Chai's LOVE fashion show. I swear I have seen all these styles before as well as all the colors. The fashions were nice but typical. There was honestly nothing adventurous about it and I have forgotten the majority of that particular collection. I had to laugh, however, when I found this particular critique of the collection online. See the Spring 2013 Richard Chai LOVE Collection.

Anyway, tomorrow we have a lot of great designers and I will be sure to post after all the shows are over. Let me know what you guys thought of today's fashion shows.

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