Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Lady Goes To The Gym...

So...workout gear. Exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and proper apparel is essential. Activewear is extremely versatile and fun. Instead of going out in public in pjs and a nasty wife beater, the beauty of a good sports jackets and yoga pants is that it actually tricks people into thinking you are on your way to or from the gym. Even though you really were just too lazy to put on a pair of pants. Using Athleta.com and Target.com, I've created four looks that are fun and colorful that is sure to perk you up during your working.

Target 1:

Target 2:

Athleta 1:

$49.99 Lap Short

Athleta 2:

$64.99 On Sale!! Salutation Pant

Here is a complimentary workout video that I use often. The trainer's name is Rumi and her workouts, if done consistently, are very effective. Enjoy!

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