Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Walk Uptown

Many women will agree with me when I say that if I were given an unlimited shopping spree, I would choose to spend it at Nordstrom. Every clothing store is a collection in itself, a collection you can take from and make into our own. That's how I feel about this store. It's the home of some of my favorite designers from Fendi to Tom Ford to Rebecca Minkoff. And the best part is that it has something for every price point. So when Black Friday comes up again this year, you won't feel out of place walking in, or feel like you'll break the bank when you spot those amazing earrings. Honestly, it's got something for everyone. So today, it's no wonder why I chose to pull two high end looks from the never ending variety that is

Look 1


Look 2 

Of course, the red, geometric sweater dress is from my store Mad Maiden Apparel. I think it adds something extra to the looks, no?

~Renee Brown

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